fear is the common denominator across the human race. it unites us all. fear rules our decision making and limits our achievements. thereby we live a life of an average joe/jane. the person who conquers his/her fears will achieve success and experience happiness.

fear in my life. what is it stopping me from?

fear is stopping me from having a swim whenever i feel like

fear is stopping me from going on a run whenever i feel like

fear is chaining me to the job that i dont want

fear is stopping me from making relationships with the marketplace that i need to and want to make

fear is stopping me from me being me

i am a beautiful soul. i believe in so many positive emotions and i am a change creator in this world around me

fear is whats causing me to choose less ..to believe less about my own capabilities. fear is making me insult myself.

fear of who will say what. fear of who will do what. fear of the unknown. fear of the future around the corner.

i have lived all my life being guided by fear.

i will live my life henceforth believing in myself and guided by love and trust and happiness

fear has robbed me and my family of happiness that was our inherent nature and which we truly deserve.

fear causes me to be sick and live a life of tension and surround myself with the wrong choices.

fear stops me from having the riches that i deserve

fear causes me to breathe in a certain unhealthy way

fear causes me to worry in an unhealthy way

fear is the reason behind the unfit body i have

fear is the reason why i am broke

fear is the reason why i cannot give my family the best they deserve

fear is the reason why i cannot travel around the world and experience the amazing world

fear is the reason why i believe this world is negative

fear is the reason why i dont have a porsche now

fear is the reason why i cannot interact with people who are doing good and who are brilliant minded and who are good at heart. in their company, i will enjoy life and create amazing stuff that can change this world a lot

there are people in this world who have beaten their internal fears and have therefore started living life

fear. what are your fears?

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