Go Chase your Dreams

You tried so hard.. Gave it all you had..Now it feels as if you are done, that you had enough..you believe you gave a good fight..You wanted it so hard but now you couldnt care less.


If you believed that in the beginning, before you set out on that path to achieve, that your goal was the best thing that could happen and you still believe it some tiny way or even if you are unsure, its time to retune your present state of mind back to how it was in the beginning.

Your GOALS are always in line with your Belief Systems says Tony Robbins. They are like a cell phone receiving signals from the cell network. ping. ping. ping. ping. There is a constant feedback between your Goals and your Belief Systems. But sometimes, you go out of network coverage. Your cell phone stops receiving signal from the network and you are ISOLATED. STUCK. You are frantically dailing, repeat dailing and shaking your phone desperately to get a signal. It doesnt mean that your cell phone is destined for your junk yard or the cell network is permanently gone off air.

It just needs one or more or all of the below:

(a) a little patience

(b) some movement to a better place where you can reconnect to the network

(c) just a restart of your phone.

Voila! You are back online and your phone is talking to the network once again. All is OK!

So When you are down and feeling beat up, it doesnt mean that your goals are incorrect or that it wasnt destined to be or some other fake reason that you are telling yourself now. It just needs a/b/c stated above. Go Reconnect back to your true self. You will feel that you are filled with purpose again. refuelled and willing to go pick up that fight again.

Go baby! Go chase your dreams!

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