Disproof of Social Proof

Back in the days, we were told, to embrace quality over quantity. Numbers didn’t matter much, content did. However, in this era of the smartphones and technologies, everything and everyone(!) is measured and mapped according to algorithm.

Popularity, today, means the higher number of likes and follows and shares. Not that every popular thing is a good thing- a thing of quality. Not that every popular person with million followers produces quality content.

And unfortunately, alongside this trend of social influence or, say, herd mentality, the quality content almost vanish under the highly marketed products.

How many of us rely on reading reviews and testimonials before we buy anything online, or watch movies or buy a book… almost all of us… and since there is a vast illegal market for buying reviews, fans, followers and likes… how actually can we believe if any of those reviews are genuine- for real.

There was a time where wisdom mattered. I hope it still matters but sometimes I get discouraged with these huge marketing glitz and extravagant promotions. I thought writing was difficult, then I found out publishing was even more difficult and the most difficult of all, was to sell. Obviously, selling includes promotions. I personally don’t really want to self-promote my own write-ups but seems as if there is no other choice, that is of course, if you are backed up by huge PR company or marketing agents.

Strangely though, I still believe in that old saying about the slow and steady winning the race… I hope those of us who believe in the theory of quality over quantity, we will be creating our own creations… our own versions… and we will be dreaming as we do today… and we will be seen by the real people… and even in this algorithmic era, we will be read by our own few readers and not by the bots and we will be proud tomorrow too, as we are today.