How Technology Is Improving Pharmacy

A graduate of Oregon State University, Ashok Pinnamaraju leverages his PhD in pharmacy along with more than a decade of professional experience to lead Williamson Road Pharmacy. Committed to ensuring his patients receive the best care possible, Ashok Pinnamaraju uses technology to improve his pharmacy’s daily operations and efficiency.

Technology has become a staple of nearly every industry. Following are just a few of the ways in which technology is improving pharmacy.

- Increased access: Thanks to technology, pharmacies are capable of reaching and connecting with patients at virtually any time through online refill requests, email correspondence, and telepharmacy operations. The latter helps pharmacies expand the number of patients they serve and enables them to operate in rural, underserved communities more efficiently.

- Improved accuracy: Advanced technology makes it easier than ever for pharmacies to install automated systems. These systems are capable of counting pills and dispensing medication. They not only reduce the risk of errors, but they also help pharmacists and technicians handle more tasks and stay available for customers.

- Better compliance: During hospital discharge and transitional care, many patients struggle with following the guidance associated with their medication. As a result, they may be readmitted to the hospital. New technology is capable of helping these patients better comply with their medication guidance.

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