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Ashok Pinnamaraju owns and serves clients out of closed-door, Lexington, Virginia-based pharmacy, Lexcare Pharmacy. Throughout the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding areas, Ashok Pinnamaraju has endeavored to establish a reputation of exceptional service quality for nursing home patients and the nursing home staff who manage the dispersion of patients’ day-to-day prescription medications.

Most individuals do not have professional nurse assistance to buffer their prescription medication experience. However, the following tips can help you to improve your experience at the pharmacy.

When a doctor writes you a prescription, you may feel inclined to ask for a generic medication instead of the on-brand option. Many patients opt for generic medications because they provide the same ingredients and dosage as the branded versions at a lower price. However, these medications may sometimes take effect differently than their on-brand counterparts. For example, a generic seizure medication may dissolve more slowly than the branded version, which could increase the risk factors associated with these events.

Are you hoping to get your prescriptions filled in the shortest time possible? Arrange for your doctor to call the pharmacy in the morning. This can help you get ahead of other prescriptions that doctors may call in to that pharmacy during the day.

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