31 Things I Know (or Need to Remind Myself of) on My 31st Birthday

Birthday Morning Perfection
  1. Things that you really want to do are worth doing alone.
  2. You do not have to shave your armpits to prove you are a woman.
  3. Writing is my greatest expression. It is how I process the world, and still there are times I don’t have words.
  4. Feelings and emotions are not weaknesses.
  5. The ocean is healing.
  6. Travel. Everywhere and every chance you get.
  7. Even a mundane chore can be turned into an adventure if you are open to seeing the possibility in it.
  8. I enjoy coffee with half and half, no shame.
  9. Always drink more water. No matter how much water you have had, drink some more.
  10. Partnerships are complicated. They take tending, continual self-evaluation and work for both individuals and then together in the relationship.
  11. People grow apart, for so many reasons. Grieve the loss of a partner, friend, family member, etc., but know when to let go.
  12. Boundaries are healthy and challenging to maintain. They change with, and are part of growth.
  13. Rainbows are magical.
  14. Sleep is underrated, but some things are worth being tired for.
  15. Ask for help, you don’t know what will happen until you ask.
  16. Dance whenever and wherever you want.
  17. Your awkward is someone else’s normal. Embrace it and perhaps even find some like-minded lovelies.
  18. See the good in people first, but be willing to see what else is there.
  19. My struggle does not negate my privilege.
  20. Never done learning. Learn by reading, doing, seeing, traveling, experiencing, writing, living, and…
  21. Take risks. Learn from the outcomes.
  22. Creativity comes in many different forms.
  23. Appreciation and gratitude practice can shift one’s mood.
  24. Practices are called practices because we need to keep at them. Writing practice, meditation practice, etc. Keep practicing and enjoy the imperfections, joys, and frustrations along the way.
  25. Share wisdom you have, but do not be offended if it is not heeded.
  26. Do not compare yourself to others. It is a trap of perception, judgement, and often not knowing the full story.
  27. Find the things that you love doing and make time to do them.
  28. Remember, there is always choice.
  29. Pain is meant to be felt, but suffering is chosen.
  30. Stay curious.
  31. Pauses are powerful. Take a moment and breathe.