Holiday of Giving Thanks

We have holidays for so many important occasions, and here we are in the midst of the season, remembering to stay grounded. Letting go of trying to make everyone else happy, by meeting their expectations. Often, we forget what we are even celebrating with these holidays. I see posts online in November for “30 days of gratitude” because we are meant to be grateful on Thanksgiving. It is giving thanks after all. And what are we thankful for? That some of our ancestors conquered the brown people who were already here to claim to a land they felt the deserved. The diseases brought dis- ease. Manifest destiny and all that other bullshit we are fed as reasons to believe it was all okay. And now we celebrate the day with a turkey, conveniently forgetting the brutality of our history.

What if we were grateful each day for the little and the big things? What if we were to practice gratitude, appreciation, and thanks all year round? Not because it is expected of us or because anyone is watching, not because we are reminded to do so, but just because it is a good practice.

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