purged of anger and the body’s hunger…

purged of anger and the body’s hunger there is a longing for something else

a thirst for justice

for women to be seen as humans, as people, and not objects to be taunted and toyed with

for people to wake the fuck up long enough to be uncomfortable,

to see the truth

to bask in the hurt of the truth,

to feel it enough to want to change the way things are

I have not yet gotten to the place where I am purged of anger

when my body’s hunger is content I have room to feel the anger

the anger of survival,

the anger that lives and breathes and screams into the world,

the screams seem to go unheard

except by trolls on the internet who spew the untruths that they bought into long ago

to make their existence easier

for some don’t ever want to feel the pain

they choose the masks and numbing agents

so easily provided by power structures

that do not what us to see, to feel, to realize each other’s humanity

If we cannot feel the pain, however can we begin to know what to heal?

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