I’m Joining Medium

A new home of my barbed opinions & insights

Anybody who consumes their content through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook will be familiar with Medium by now; and as somebody who appreciated Medium’s willingness to experiment with its platform it has become one of my go to sources for spontaneous and thought provoking opinions over the past year.

However, while I’m usually the guy to jump straight onto a platform and publish on it I had held back from investing a considerable amount of time into Medium since its launch. Although, I had not just sat back and watched the platform from a distance, but activily explored the platform everyday to gain a greater understanding of the art that its writers create and how its users want to consume the content published on it.

However, as Medium has flourished into a platform of refreshing and colourful stories from around the world I had found it increasingly difficult to avoid publishing my own content on it.

Therefore, I am excited to be joining Medium to establish a new home for my barbed opinions and insights on the marketing industry; and more specifically social media marketing.

So, from this point onwards Medium will be at the heart of my content and alongside Twitter and LinkedIn will be where I air my opinions and ask you to share yours with me.

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