Openmesh V6 Roadmap

Ashton Hettiarachi
2 min readNov 2, 2023

The Openmesh Vision

The vision of Openmesh is to let everyone freely access all Web 3.0 and crypto transactional data. They want to store this information in a special digital space that’s open to anyone, anywhere, and always free. What’s unique is their vision for this space to be decentralized and independent — no rules, no control from governments, companies, or even the creators themselves. It’s all about making data open, available, and free for everyone to use and explore.

As an open data initiative, Openmesh core mission is to address the information asymmetry in society by democratizing information. We believe that access to data and Web 3.0 (not personal information) should be a fundamental right of everybody.

Openmesh wants to be like a time machine for the internet. It’s a special archive for Web 3.0, where you can find real, unchanged historical info. And guess what? Anyone can use it, no matter where they’re from or who they are. Openmesh is all about sharing history without any tricks, just straightforward and open for everyone.

Openmesh v6 Roadmap

Openmesh v6 is a major step for us, and it’s going to be packed with lots of cool research and development stuff. Right now, we’re busy figuring out what’s most important and planning the right tools and people for Openmesh v6. Get ready for some awesome updates!

We are a small team. Our technical roadmap has many moving parts. Anticipating challenges and having solid foresight on the technical roadmap are extremely important to us.

For the past three years, we’ve been all about Web3 data. That includes cryptocurrency finance, public blockchains, decentralized finance, and even blockchain games. We’re diving deep into the world of digital information!

In 2023 and 2024, we aim to expand our data coverage to include public health and scientific research data. Openmesh keeps billions of global data safe — transactions, history, and important stuff. And guess what? Anyone can check it out anytime. Easy, right?

Openmesh keeps it simple — our Unified APIs let you grab data whenever and wherever. No restrictions, no sign-ups, no licenses needed. It’s data freedom!

And here’s the magic wand — Xnode. It’s like a superhero for your budget. No license fees or complicated setups — just computing and storage. With Xnode, running data clouds becomes super affordable (10–15 times less) and lightning fast, saving you a whopping 95% of your time. Easy peasy, right?

Get ready for a journey into the planned functionalities of our platform — it’s a game-changer!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming:

  • Disputes: Finish tasks without waiting.
  • Community Governance: Community power without fund risks.
  • Partial Rewards: Pay part of the budget anytime.
  • Native Currency Rewards: Use native ETH or mix it with ERC20s.
  • Organizations: Trustless use for web3 projects.
  • Task Alterations: More flexibility.
  • Multichain: Ethereum and Polygon in focus.
  • Task Funding: Team up for funding tasks

The future looks bright with Openmesh v6! Get ready for a new era in Web3 data.