Passion will find you..!!

Chase your desire, not Passion…

Keep going. Each step may get harder, but don’t stop. The view is beautiful at the top’.

I love this quote. (Every time I read it I find myself on a mountain top with strong winds howling, as I gaze at the sheer beauty of nature, savoring every bit of solitude under the dusky sky. I shout at the top of my voice as I hear the sound reverberating from the chain of mountains that surround me. This is how it must feel to conquer all the difficulties and fears to make it to the top and feel like you are living your dream. The perseverance and passion to scale the mountain, come what may, to be unstoppable and filled with energy that you will do anything to view the world from the altitude. The world shall remember me as a hero and my scars shall remind them of this magnificent adventurous journey that I embarked upon). Well so much for the beautiful imagination. As I am soaked into the thought of living life king size I stumble upon the episode of FRIENDS- ‘The one with the Halloween Party’ where Chandler is dressed as pink bunny. Boy! That episode is hilarious. I watch that episode and five more before I go to bed. Well, that’s life!

On a serious note, passion and life’s purpose are the two things constantly on the radar of human soul as one becomes mature enough to understand the true meaning of life. There must be a purpose which justifies that what you are doing in life will finally take you to your desired destination. Something that you love doing and you enjoy every moment of what you do. Everyone wants to find that passion that suits their personality and which involves the implementation of their innate abilities or skills without having to take any arduous efforts in order to pursue it. I have heard a few great speakers and corporate leaders who emphasize a lot on following your passion in life. And with due respect, they never speak about what is their passion in life. Is what they are doing right now always been their dream? Have they pursued their passions and continued to do so? What is the meaning of passion according to them? Do they mean we should make a career out of our passion? I never understood the actual meaning of it. All I heard was this passion thing is a great deal in the world of mortals.

I may not be entirely right here, but I believe passion is often misconstrued as an act which you can perform at ease and will eventually make you successful and famous. All the well-known actors, athletes, rock stars, painters, dancers, singers, social activists, entrepreneurs and revolutionary industrialists are an inspiration to everyone and we are influenced by their stardom and its but natural to imagine yourself in their shoes being surrounded by all the glamour, glory, fan following and huge sums of money. But the ideals and principles which form the solid foundation of our understanding of passion leads us to believe that we must be good at something like our role models and maybe we should give up what we are doing now and follow them. What we fail to understand here is that all those great personalities stuck to just one field for a lot of years and showed perseverance and dedication to learn more about their respective fields. Sure things must have been hard for them, but if passion was all about doing what seems easy and exciting, I’m sure they would have quit and tried finding their passion in something else. But continuing to show your commitment to what you are doing and not being deterred in times of emotional breakdowns is what sets them apart. That is passion according to me.

How am I supposed to determine what I am passionate about unless I commit completely to the job at hand? How am I supposed to deem something as not useful and interesting when I myself don’t put the efforts to understand something thoroughly? I try to quit the moment things start to get difficult and shrug it off by saying that perhaps that is not what I was meant to do. That’s what I did while learning Taekwondo, guitar and piano, reading books and studying as well for that matter. I gave up and kept the books aside when the concepts got difficult to comprehend and watched serials on my laptop instead or hung out with my friends because that was an ultimate stress buster. I realize that now, that if I had gone that extra distance to sit through those difficult hours and understood the concepts instead, it would have really helped me understand the subject even better and improve my scope of practical application. My idea of passion was to do an activity that intrigued me for a few months (3–4 to be precise) and give up conveniently because it got harder to play the G major chord and also it used to hurt my fingers (sigh!). My stardom lasted for a few days when I played the same song over and over again until I got so perfect and I recorded it and sent it to people on WhatsApp! There’s a thin line between an interest and passion and that thin line is sacrifice and dedication (deep, right?).

I read an article the other day by a blogger called Mark Manson, who, in his article “Screw Finding your Passion” writes-‘there must be something that dominates our mind and takes up huge chunk of our time which we like to do over and over again. Something we constantly keep surfing on the Internet. Something that is constantly in our mind but we keep ignoring it because it doesn’t really seem to fit in the definition of the word Passion’. Well to think of it, it speaks sense. Some ideas which we think are very crude may actually turn into something grand. For that you have to be completely immersed in what you are doing and need not worry if that is your passion or not. You just have to take the leap and move ahead. But again that applies only to 10% of the population maybe even less who understand what dedication means. The remaining crowd spends their time magnanimously on focusing their attention on the episodes of their favorite serials. Everybody wants to swap their life with Joey’s, or Sheldon Cooper’s, or Charlie Harper’s (personal life aside!), or Sherlock’s or Khal Drogo’s (if you know what I am talking about). And speaking of the internet, the google search should be limited to social networking and porn sites and YouTube videos (no offense to people who make use of internet for learning something).

Being a mechanical engineer, at 23, like everybody else I too am worried about the future. What subject should I take up for my graduation? Should I take something that earns me good perks or take a subject that generates curiosity and excitement in me. Where do I see myself in 5 years? I haven’t even found my passion in life yet. I feel like I have spent half of my life in finding what I want to do in life and seems like I’ll be doing the same for eternity. I may never get a chance to discover what I really wanted to do and eventually live as an aimless person leading a normal mundane life. No matter where you are, what you are doing, the thought of being serious about finding your passion in life will hunt you down (both when sober or drunk). This is the most overwhelming phase of your life when you have a responsibility and need to have timely bound goals. Everything is already decided for you as soon as you enter your twenties. You need to earn a good degree, settle down and think about marrying at the right time. The pressure of achieving and discovering your potential within a window of 4–5 years is really a nightmare. There are people who just go with the flow and take up an upcoming subject for their master’s degree or something that will have steady money in future without giving a lot of thought on the passion part of their lives while some of them break their heads and ponder on the bleak chances of them finding the right reason for the miracle of their birth. Honestly, I don’t know what I am going to do either. What I have decided is to keep studying and continue to learn the things which I left halfway before jumping onto another interest and before ruling out the difficult things as futile. Our entire life revolves around a simple yet confusing word and somehow we act reckless and keep switching our passions and eventually reach a dead end where we discover that nothing in this world has been capable of attracting your attention. Well that’s because we never really gave our interest a chance long enough for it to make you understand what qualities it had that you can admire and appreciate it about. We are so used to the notion of becoming great in a short spurt of time that it doesn’t take long enough for complacency to set in and create havoc in your mind, to make it homeless, to make it wander in search of new interest or “Passion”.

Every person has his own perspective regarding passion. It means different to everyone. While we are busy taking life too seriously and trying to excavate the dream like a hungry bloodhound following the scent of passion, we are losing out on the simple fun of enjoying life. Life is more fun when we accept it the way it is. Its enigma and unpredictability is what makes our life a wonderful adventure in itself. Stop making it boring just because the society expects us to know and understand our future dreams and take steps to achieve it. But yes, in order to realize your dreams make sure to dedicate yourself to what you are doing today. Be the best at what you do; endure through the challenges and move ahead with grit and determination. Achieving dreams and finding passion comes at a price. Whether you like it or not, it involves struggle and sacrifice- be it your favorite show, a party to attend or just a night out with friends. Bear in mind, that one day you will reach a threshold where even enjoyment will seem boring and you will be left paralyzed as the vicious thought of finding the life’s purpose happily feeds on your fear and constricts your mind of thinking about anything else. But when such a moment comes, be as strong as a mountain, try to tear apart the vicious vortex and continue with your life without getting psyched by it. Stay put where you are. Perhaps passion did knock before on your door but you weren’t at home as you were busy searching for it outside as the vicious thought exactly wanted you to do. So just wait and enjoy the journey while passion comes and finds you. It’s all about the journey and we are well aware of that. Once you attain your dream, it’s your struggle that people will be talking about, that is what will define you not what position you will be at. Make that struggle an epic story to be told to people and be the right inspiration. You can make the best of opportunity and make all the difference in the world that you have always wanted to once you are at the pinnacle of your life!

Life is not all about sunshines and rainbows. It is a roller coaster filled with surprises and challenges. And it’s the acceptance that you can’t be everything in your life but you can be the best at one thing and inspire millions to follow your lead. So don’t worry about the outcome or finding your passion. Just be true to yourself and sincere in your efforts and believe me when I say Passion will eventually find you!