Up for a dance?

Ringing doorbell, raging heartbeats as the longing finds a closure,
She looks for her in every corner as the knocks become harder,
A smell so known grips her imagination,
Her face so clear in her mind, as she approaches the door,
A little window between their fantasies,
Back to the time when they found each other,
One smiling selflessly between a bunch of friends,
Another sitting silently in a corner sipping her drink,
Love clinked and how…

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Chilling stares in a pub full of couples with locked lips,
They sensed each other through eye language dripped,
Devouring each tune in the backdrop to reach out for the other,
It wasn’t just love at the first sight, it was love beyond a parallel,
As the beats became faster, distance just lesser,
Their bodies, breath, skin almost in contact,
Two girls in their mid-twenties suddenly the center of attention,
Seductive dance, stares without a blink, hands clutched tight,
The vibe set on flames, another level high to sustain,
As one of them bit the other’s earlobe as a part of the step,
The message came across that love wasn’t anymore scared…

Hours passed by, neither the music stopped nor did the bar,
Tonight was an exception with admirers of true love so far,
Fearless, fierce and up on the floor, sparks flew as they mastered the high,
A reassuring look, a hug from the back & how the tied bun sighed,
Skies turned red as they leaned in for a kiss, peck on the cheek too, bonus,
Beyond the stereotypes and cages of the world, these angels’ chorus,
The on-lookers clapped and kissed their partners, to the club owner’s surprise,
There it was, justice. Above the maybes and despite.

First published here.

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