Hi All,

It has been a long time since I have written to you all. I hope each one of you have been well, safe and healthy. I want to apologize for all the delays on the publishing part and on the “add me as a writer” e-mails.

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It has been a fantastic journey so far but due to multiple reasons, I am going to shut down this publication in the next couple of days. …

A poem

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with passing age, falling in love, no
redefining it as growing in love, together

to appreciate the beauty within and to
be grateful about selfless friendships

to understand the value of human presence
and emotions that are valued, magical,

all the mess in this head and heart, calling
for only one single thing, peace, rest, relax

we are all a part of this situation the world is in
but when did we intend to change, a bit?

begins with us, it always will, so start now
to be helpful, supportive, empathetic, courteous

to shape your thoughts and intentions for others…

A poem

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change these words
my mind and heart scream
for all the feelings i feel
and the emotions i experience
cannot be expressed in tangible
ways, a lot of them stay speechless

there can be a long list or two
but most of them imaginary,
like the most important person
in your life, cannot even measure
how these small and big joys
bring excitement and fits
of happiness, smiles and blessings

i catch my breath for once, twice and then i let it be the way it is, breathless because the impermanence is what defines it at the best, the immeasurable…

A poem

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Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

my creative juices
they miss me like i miss
being an innocent child
care-free and lost in an
unprotected world yet
fearless because i know
i shall be saved

everything i do right away
for existence, and survival
doesn’t add up to the sum
total of my ambitions, dreams
and objectives, for art is my vision
and materialism has taken over
all i should do to be alive,
and kicking

dreams are beautiful until they wake you up one day and shake your core, making you realize that your approach to save others is not enough to save yourself, it’s…

A poem

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Photo by Federica Campanaro on Unsplash

Who knew? We will be here, like this
wanting all of this to end, and now?

The world proceeded and the way it does
but there’s something that stayed inside,
the way I thought it will all bring us together
but the extended vacation of the beast
just brought one out of us

I was hoping like the nature bloomed
the humanity shall too
but all I know is the value of life
is still too low for anyone that is not
human enough to have courtesy or kindness

Didn’t we congratulate ourselves that finally there’s something that got us…

A poem

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Photo by Morteza Yousefi on Unsplash

This is for everyone who has been kind across Medium, my poetry publication, poetry groups and a larger community.

I might feel a little too away and
not that active, but to me, you still matter,
above all the current situations and anger
I know each one of you have my back,
keeping me stronger

More poetry, more art, more artists coming
out and accepting themselves, the reason
why we are alive and keeping this world
so sane

A lot has been clarified due to these hard times and helplessness, the ones who stay and the ones who are simply…

Ashwini Dodani

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