Ashworth College Marketing Degree

The Ashworth College Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing program, you learn how to position products and services and promote them successfully. Your Bachelor’s in Marketing may help you advance your career in an advertising or marketing agency or in a corporate marketing department.

After completing the Marketing program, students will be able to:

Demonstrate a foundation of computer and information systems knowledge,technical skills, and a basic understanding of computer applications.
Demonstrate proficiency with the managerial applications of Internet technology, including the application of management principles to business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and intrabusiness commercial ventures.
Utilize the tools and methodologies needed to solve marketing problems, including developing marketing plans and the use of various marketing strategies.
Explain how effective leaders use their interpersonal skills to promote change, communicate vision, provide a sense of direction, and inspire employees.
Demonstrate proficiency with English composition, and apply fundamental processes, theories, and methods to business communication in the workplace.
Identify and analyze the pertinent concepts and theories of law, ethical issues that arise, and the principles of legal reasoning.
Identify and apply fundamental math concepts for operations and problem solving, and apply basic statistical concepts and tools in order to correctly interpret the results of statistical analyses.
Demonstrate knowledge of the strategic management process and an ability to assess industry attractiveness and the competitive environment.
Fully explain the elements of marketing employed by most business organizations, with emphasis on the integration of the marketing function into the strategic direction of the firm.
Be prepared to enter Ashworth College’s Master of Science or MBA programs without any additional academic preparation