Ashworth College Retail Administration Degree Online

At Ashworth College the Retail Administration Associate Degree program provides comprehensive instruction in the retail management cycle, from hiring sales staff to supervising the supply chain. Graduate ready to apply what you learn in the real world. Affordable college tuition makes it easy to earn your degree from Ashworth College.

Objectives of the Retail Administration Program:

Demonstrate a foundation of business knowledge related to business ownership, marketing, risk management, and social responsibility.
Demonstrate an understanding of the basics of retail supply chain management.
Demonstrate knowledge of setting up and operating a retail business in the global marketplace.
Fully discuss the evolution of the U.S. economy and the economic behavior of individual consumers and businesses.
Demonstrate an understanding of an accounting information system, the steps of the accounting cycle, and the application of GAAP.
Identify and apply the fundamental principles of public speaking, speech criticism, audience analysis, and effective delivery techniques.
Demonstrate a basic understanding of computer applications, and the broad implications of technological innovation on social organization in terms of personal, political, economic, and environmental issues.
Demonstrate proficiency with English composition, including the ability to develop essays, revise and edit one's work, and conduct academic research.
Demonstrate basic mathematical skill by describing mathematical reasoning and logic as the basis for data analysis, and by applying the major concepts of college-level algebra.
Be prepared to enter Ashworth College’s bachelor’s degree programs without any additional academic preparation.