AsiaYo, Taiwan Accommodation Booking Platform, Gets Official License Under Japan New Minpaku Law

AsiaYo Press Room
Aug 16, 2018 · 3 min read

Taiwan’s largest accommodation booking platform, AsiaYo, today (10th) announced the acquirement of a business license officially certified by the Japan government. Under the regulations of the New Minpaku Law, AsiaYo now provides legal Japanese accommodation listings to travelers visiting Japan, and is the first accommodation platform in Taiwan to be legally licensed under the aforementioned law. Meanwhile, new accommodation listings on Rakuten LIFULL STAY, located across 27 Japanese cities, have officially gone online as new listings on AsiaYo’s platform, providing travelers with an even greater range of accommodation choices. Rakuten LIFULL STAY currently has over 1,900 rooms registered.

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Accommodation booking platform, AsiaYo acquired of a business license certified by the Japan government

The Japanese government officially implemented the New Minpaku Law on June 15 this year as a response to the growing number of foreign tourists in recent years and in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. AsiaYo is the first Taiwanese lodging platform company to acquire a business license under the new law. Japanese minpaku accommodations are currently categorized into two types: the first is the “staying with property owner” type, in which the property owner stays on-site where guests reside, while the second is the “staying without property owner” type. The latter requires a property management company to be commissioned as a third-party administrator — this is also the main type of company that AsiaYo has partnered with for launching accommodation listings in Japan. Last year, AsiaYo announced partnership with Rakuten LIFULL STAY, a vacation rental business company through the joint investment of Rakuten, Inc.. From this July, Rakuten LIFULL STAY has been continuously providing AsiaYo with lodging accommodations.

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Rakuten LIFULL STAY currently has over 1,900 rooms registered, now also gone online as new listings on AsiaYo

AsiaYo now has 6000–6500 accommodation listings in Japan. Since AsiaYo’s strategy for increasing Japanese accommodation listings is to partner primarily with professional minpaku management consulting firms, listings cover various accommodation types including hotels, inns, youth hostels and private lodgings. Other than Rakuten LIFULL STAY, AsiaYo is also working in collaboration with over 20 minpaku management consulting companies in Japan. Apart from popular tourism attractions such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Hokkaido, which are already within the scope of destinations listed on AsiaYo, listings have now expanded to the second-tier cities such as Nagasaki, Kanagawa, Saitama, Miyazaki, and Aichi.

AsiaYo has covered over 60 cities in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Thailand and provided more than 50,000 rooms available on the website. AsiaYo also has diversified users with 30% of bookings from international customers The company has provided services to over 600,000 fully independent travelers and achieves its quarterly bookings more than US$3.5 million dollars. Many new and exciting lodging experiences are now available on AsiaYo platform for tourists who enjoy in-depth travel.

About AsiaYo

Launched in 2014 and headquartered in Taiwan, AsiaYo is the leading vacation rental platform that connects independent travelers with unique, high-quality accommodations in Asia. With the aim to inspire people with every authentic and best experience while travelling, AsiaYo has collected over 50,000 available rooms, covering over 60 major cities in Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Thailand. Learn more

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