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My first piece of Writing !!!

Today, I would like to wish everyone, a Happy and Prosperous 2016 !!!

31st Dec, 11:59 PM. 
It's the time, many guys set their Resolutions for the New Year. Till 2015, I didn't set any such Resolutions. But this time, one of my five New Year Resolutions is to target the Sundays of each week to present some good piece of Writing. So came the title “Sunday Literature”.

Myself, Asif - M/30, started showing interest in reading Articles and sharing my views on the same from the last couple of years. But I couldn't pen up anything of my own, till date. Each and every time, Travelogues, Articles, Happenings, Opinions, Current Affairs were very well framed in my mind, but couldn't get it penned up. So this time, I made it sure that I will write up what is in my mind, and thus targeted Sundays of each week.

Google gave me a lot many options when I looked for the right platform to prepare and publish my Writings. Of which, I finalized “Medium”.

What to write was the question then. Enormous options bloomed up with travel stories, B'day plannings, opinions, so and so. But as a first piece of writing, I decided to write something about “Writing” itself. And thus titled the Article as “My first piece of Writing”.

Here, I would like to key in some of the decisive points which I personally felt significant enough to work on to make a Writing good.

Repeated Rectification - The one mistake which I felt slowing down my progress to reach the finish line was the correction of the draft very much frequently. Looking behind every then and when to see what we wrote just then is fine, makes it obvious to do the correction and improvisation which consumes time and effort, a lot. And the Rectification thus we do, is not something major too, instead the glamorization work which can be better negotiated with our valuable time. Doing this recurring rectification works, we may reach a point where we are still at mid of nowhere and no way nearing the completion of our Writing. Realizing the same, I started first scribbling down whatever comes to my mind and then did the random polishing once I get over with the content.

Procrastination - the needless delay, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness is the one thing which we need to get rid off. This happened with my Writing too. When something good it happens, such as a new theme, a plot or an idea began sprouting in my mind to write on, this fellow stood up and say “Not now, Better start fresh in the morning”, “It's 2:30 now, Start by 2:40” and ultimately he captures me that I will go behind him following to what he says and finally end up making the procrastinated delay to push things out of laziness.

Focus - Concentrating on a single task is the next big thing. As I read, 70000 thoughts will be playing in an individual's mind a day which makes it 49 thoughts a minute. There will be fluctuations in mind from one thought to the other and we will not be able to focus on just Writing. May be, say, thoughts like, we want to finish this piece by today make us keep on worrying about the finish line which in turn hinders the progress that we start concentrating more on the finish line and not on the current work. Instead try to keep going in a single track, a single line of thought and let the other thoughts go on it's own way without taking you along with them. A stage like this may happen that we start feeling bored with doing the same task of writing and writing and writing and then our mind will have the tendency to go away from the present to some thoughts of past or future and we start living in such thoughts and those thoughts take us along with them without even asking for our permission. In Runners terms, it's called by the name “hit the wall” phenomenon, that a stage will reach where we get hit on an imaginary wall which is so described as a barrier that make us feel at that moment that we are dying and can't even move a single step. It is at that moment we have to take out the hidden gem - called by the name “Firm Determination” to say “I won't stop”. Slowly and gradually we get into the track and thus we get to overcome the barricade of Negative Energy. As Socrates says “It doesn't matter how slow you go up, so long as you don't stop” is very much making sense to overcome the “hit the wall” phenomenon. So keep focussing on what we do till it gets over. Most times it's not the physical ability which hinders us to progress but the lack of mental or psychological ability to focus on a single line becomes the major hurdle for success.

Target Line - A Finishline or a Deadline is always required which help us remain stationed till the job gets over. Without which, the work will never finish as we may be making more and more improvisations, corrections, glamorization to make it a never ending exercise. A well set Target Date make us find the time to sit on the task, to keep on Writing, avoiding the making of unnecessary delays of postponing the work for no reason. So it's necessary to have a Target Line for our job.

Short and Compact - Make the article Short and Compact for people to love reading it. And make the readers live along the article as they read on. Holding the attention of a Reader to the article till it gets over, is undoubtedly the success of a Writer. Better not to add Masalas and Dramas to get hold of our Reader’s attentiveness as the same may take away the Honesty part of the Article which in turn affects adversely, for obvious.

Perfection Making - Scoring 90 marks may be easy, but to score the remaining 10 marks to make it 100, we may need to invest the same effort as we took it to make the 90. That is where “Perfection” comes in to the game. It's obvious that the major points are already covered and the 90 is so made. But the fact is “90 is the 100”. Our mind will keep on saying that something is left out. And thus the 10 comes into the picture and we start searching for the balance 10 to make it full, not knowing that 100 is already achieved. The 10 as we are looking for, is not achievable too since nothing is perfect as there will always be space for improvement. Going behind to achieve the 10, it's obvious that we are finding more time to fill up the nothingness which is left out, where in fact major points have already been covered up, that we may not be aware of, thinking too much in the fulfillment of the as said nothingness.

Time Management - Make use of our time. We may be busy doing our office work, household activities, but there is some time in our day that we will be thinking of something or the other which may be on one side - a pleasurable steering by our mind which will take us into the dreams where we become a hero, out-showing our colleague, achieving fame in life, becoming champion of our favourite sports and on the other side - feeling of sadness, worries or depression arose out of thinking of our financial back up, issues pop up in relations, comparison with fellow humans, and so. In place of getting steered with such thoughts where imagination plays the movie with a recorded sequence of images one after the other, frame by frame to get us moved by the illusion it produces, the same time can be made use for something fruitful as to invest in something good such as Exercising, Writing, Partying; thus finding and managing time. Once we get involved in such activities, it will get us released from the stress we were having till then to make us elated.

Empty Mind Advantage - Always try Writing in an empty mind. Empty mind in the sense - a mind conscious enough to stay present in the present. Being present in the present, our mind becomes Triple Intelligent that everything holds unfolded in such a mind which pour in concepts, ideas and what more needed, is given at its best.

Whatever my findings, may not be the right ones or the best ones and there will be better ones as this is a platform where many Writers have already established their stand.

I don't like to delay publishing this Article, waiting for a better time since I know that there doesn't exist such a time. I am publishing this today only, to provide justice to my New Year Resolution and “Sunday Literature”.

So see you next Sunday with a next set of words. Signing off till then. Have a great day.

Asif A A

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