First date sucked but sure let’s go on another…

We match on Tinder. She’s Brazilian working in Canada. “I moved here yesterday wanna be my tour guide?”, she lists all her favourite place to drink, we pick Green Room.

We’re both running late, I spice things up “whoever gets to the bar last buys the first round”. I lose the bet, she’s sat outside. We finish the first jug of Sangria. I ask if she wants another drink, she says no. How about somewhere else? She’s tells me she wants an early night and is a ‘brunch girl’. I’m thinking why the hell did we decide to go for evening drinks! We walk towards the subway. It’s only 9:30pm. We spoke about everything we wanted to talk about. She asks if I’m staying out for a bit. …

Do you ever fail at something and think how?

At the opticians for my contact lens fitting ready for skiing. Emma the receptionist asks if anyone is helping me. I notice Craig in the background rapidly eating his sandwich and almost choking as he shouts “I’ve got this one”. He wanted to be the one to help.“How you been?” he asks as he walks over (He tried to sell me glasses last week).

“Let’s kick this off, don’t blink, look at what you’re doing, hold it in place.” Craig tries every trick in the book and I’m failing to get the contacts in. …

Start it today

Don’t just talk

Actually do something

Ditch the ego

Keep self belief

Ignore the haters

Don’t get permission

Just jump in

Have some discipline

Set achievable goals

Compete against yourself

Drop the mask

Don’t be scared

Be an outsider

Don’t blend in

Look for help

Ask obvious questions

Nothing is perfect

Failing is learining

Stop pissing about

Have some discipline

Keep refining it

Don’t seek followers

Practice being relatable

Follow your instincts

Keep winging it

Take frequent breaks

Live and learn

Don’t force it

Why so serious

Learn to chill

Keep being yourself

Dots will connect

What’s stopping you?

a little backstory…I was on a run and found myself writing down 3 word statements. I got back and pieced them together, it turned out to be a 99 word motivational speech for myself. 🏃🏾💨

Do you ever say bye to someone then walk in the same direction as them? Well…

Work day ends. From afar Nigel shouts “elevator stay open”. Too his surprise it does, Brian saved it wedging his foot between the doors. The elevator goes down and reaches the ground as we conclude our elevator chat. We agree the city’s new transit cards are better than the last.

Brian rushes out of the building shouting “See you tomorrow guys”. I shout “See you later”. We all end up walking in the same direction, me besides Nigel slightly behind Brian. A few steps forward Brian stops to cross the road. Nigel and I are now stood beside him. Nigel asks “Brian you think you will catch this streetcar?”. The streetcar across the street looks set to depart, “I’ll just catch the next one”. Brian walks on again “see you later guys” oblivious to the fact Nigel was heading for the same streetcar. We all approach the same T-junction. Brian now decides to get the subway and walks off in his own direction, Nigel says bye to me as he crosses the road, I end up crossing the same road walking beside him until he jumps onto the streetcar and I walk on. …

It’s Wednesday night, movie night meet up in Toronto! The organisers rent a studio space and show a new film each week. We snuggle together on the sofas around the TV snacking on donairs watching Kedi a documentary about cats in Turkey.

The documentary finished and everyone is about to head out…

The place has to be left the way it was found. Everyone helps tidy the place. There isn’t enough tidying to do for the amount present. Still everyone takes part in the act of ‘tidying up’.

Carl and Kyle transport the sofa back to where it was found, they do most of the heavy lifting whilst others pretend to help out. John picks up a pillow and moves it into the back room. I move a few cups from the table and place them near the sink. …

It’s Friday night, everyone at the office is shutting down their laptops, Jeremy is waltzing around playing on the office ukulele, ready for the weekend like everyone else. He dances over and asks…

“Asis what you up to this weekend?”

buzzing for the weekend

I panic in my response as though I have something to hide replying with…

Me — Not much probably just see what happens…oh going to the bank after work…

Jeremy — Oh the bank, cool

As I talk Jeremy’s strumming of the ukulele slows down and eventually he puts it down where he found it. …

Improv is a form of live comedy in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment.

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Credit: Bitmoji + Unsplash

So why Improv?

I moved to Toronto to start working at Playground Inc. I arrived alone, I didn’t know anybody and was struggling to be my natural self in my new environment. I needed a way to help me break out of my shell and express myself freely. So I started doing improv. I’ve never acted in my life and I’m terrified of public speaking. But the idea of making people laugh and acting on the spot appealed to me. …

Have you ever wanted to go explore a new country but decided not too because you couldn’t find someone to go with? I want to talk about how I embraced being on my own in Canada and how it opened me up to so many more new experiences.

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Being in a new place can be lonely but just keep exploring

Chapter 4: Being Alone

I left my family and friends behind in England and moved to Canada, a place where I was alone and didn’t know anybody. As I travelled from place to place, the option to call a friend and ask if they fancied hanging out didn’t exist.

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I couldn’t call up my a bud and say “Yo Rob, fancy grabbing a beer…”

It was an effort to find company straight away

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Bringing sexy back on Tinder…

I found myself spending a lot of time swiping around on Tinder and looking for Meet-Up groups which fit into my schedule. I was spending ages trying to find company and struggling. So I stopped and started focusing on exploring new places on my own. …

Listen, smile, agree and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway

- Robert Downey Jr

I moved to Canada for a fresh start (read why) I didn’t know anyone or too much about the country. I asked people I met for their tips on what to see and do but ultimately I did what I wanted to do. My goal was to see as much of North America as my budget would let me. I chose to travel on trains and buses instead of driving or flying. I just wanted to sit back and enjoy the views.

Chapter 3 — Don’t let people put you off

I took a 3 day train ride from Toronto to Edmonton even though people told me it will be…

I was no longer happy so I did something about it. I left my life behind in England and moved to Canada for a fresh start (read chapter 1). In this chapter I talk about what it was like arriving into Canada and why “answer one question at a time” was the best advice I received.

Chapter 2: Into the unknown

The flight attendant woke me up, I had just landed into Quebec City straight into a ‘mild’ snow storm. Oops I may have underestimated the weather

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When I’m nervous I tend to make awkward jokes. As I passed through security, the officer asked “what brings you to Canada” I replied with “I don’t know” awkward…

Asis Patel

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