My amazing journey:

5. Hold my hand Elder…

You came here to show the Truth. The Truth was a miracle - Your resurrection. The torture was false - You proved this by Your resurrection. You came here to instill the hope of our liberation - not only hope but also assurance. Or else why should You let this be evidenced on the soil of earth.

I rely on this assurance that You are waiting so close to me and with profound sincerity, love and sacred longing. Just waiting for me to turn to You. You've Your arms stretched towards me and all my brothers whom You expect me to take along in that salvation to our original reality.

I know You cannot make the resolve on our behalf. That's our part. Once we do that the rest is all Yours. You have promised that there won't be any hierarchy thereon. We shall all be like You.

And the most beautiful thing is that You know how my heart is flowering, consolidating and resolving finally to move towards You and Father.