My amazing journey:

4. Time & space

Time is about past and space in the context of this earth is relative. It is the ego that has created this relativity. We having subjected oureslves to the dictates of the ego have become victims of this relativity. Therefore, we have forgotten the essence of our absolute reality. We have defined ourselves by the order of the outer world - the ego. We have taken the tasks given to us by the outer world - the ego. We have chosen to seek the temporal happiness granted by the external world - the ego. We have chosen to swing like a pendulum between pleasure and misery by the dictates of the external world -the Ego. Ego is fictitious. It does not exist. It is false. We have lived on its false terms. Like shadow is not a reality, so is ego. As darkness is not a reality, it is an absence of Light, so ego is just the absence of Truth, Light, Love, Joy and Peace.

Our reality is Truth. Our reality is Light. Our reality is Love. Our reality is Joy. Our reality is Peace.