My amazing journey:

4. Let those figs drop…

All images and thoughts that arise in my mind from the world I’ve created have no meaning because that world itself does not exist. That world has been created by the shadow and the shadow has no real substance - it is fictitious. Every meaning I derive from these images and thoughts relates to my experiences and imaginations of the past or future - the so-called time that I have spent and intend to spend in this shadow-world. Therefore these meanings are fragmented, fragile, shallow, variable and unreal.

The reality is absolute, steady, constant and unchanging. It is timeless. It has no past or future. My meaning that I draw from these images I see and the thoughts that cross through my mind, and even that very projected mind, are all fictitious.

Just beneath these meaningless thoughts flows the only meaningful thoughts of love, peace and joy. On the opposite side of the shadow is Light. Right on the opposite side of this fictitious me awaits My Real Self - the holy, wholesome, brilliant, timeless and deathless LIFE created by God.

To return to that glorious potentiality originally granted to me, I need to first realize the difference between the meaningless and meaningful. The figs of those fragmented illusions will then drop away and I shall be resurrected in the holy arms of my Creator.