My amazing journey

3. Let me be Me..

Let me transcend my perspective about this shallow and pseudo existence in this world which my shadow-mind has created - this world of psychographic and demgraphic peripheries, boundaries and limits. A space of meaningless ownership, possesion, hoarding, insecurity, fear, greed, need, want, incompetence and insufficiency. A land of competition, supercession, survival, struggles, reslessness,desperation, anxieties, pains and exploitations. A zone where I've always fallen short of something or the other. All of these are the ways of the ego to sustain itself.

Ego has it’s only hold over my body. The fictitious and mythical mind it has created is nothing but a projection of my ego-influenced body. Ego doesn’t have any control over my Original Mind that was gifted by God. Because that Real, Only and Undivided Mind is both whole and holy. Ego cannot befriend anything that is either holy or whole for its way is to only divide, fragment and oppose. Its purpose of engaging me to stuff like teamwork, help, support, cooperation, collaboration is false because in the core of all such projects lies my urge of personal identity, selfishness and importance. These are in essence the other names of hunger, scarcity, lack and desperation. That’s why my perception lead by my erroneous and elusive mind is perfectly impaired and distorted.

I no longer want to be described, emblamed, judged and defined by anything that I perceived through this fictional perspective for those meanings and descriptions are nothing about me.

I long to be there beyond all these. I yearn to hold the hand of my Elder Who can show me the path to let me Realize ‘who I’m’ and the purpose I was made. I want to stand in unison with all others with whom I am alike and connected in God.
Meanwhile, The Real World Awaits There For Me With Open Arms..