So you’re going to the floating festival known as The Yacht Week. Now what to pack?

Take it from me, you won’t use as much as you pack. Here are the essentials to make your hold luggage fit within many airlines 25kg weight limit.

Tip #1

Pack all of your toiletries in a “personal item” (as budget airlines call it) backpack. Separate the toiletries from your hold luggage (check-in baggage) to alleviate the weight. Additionally, your cleansing items will be with you on-hand in case of any delays or cancellations. (Wouldn’t want to be stranded without a toothbrush and baby wipes would you?!)

Tip #2

Use a duffle bag with wheels. There’s no room for 10 rectangular, traditional travel bags on board the ship. They take up too much space in the cabins. ‘Tis a boat after all! Pack your belongings in something collapsible!

Tip #3
The following is a ladies guide to packing for TYW!
Use Yacht Weeks app to plan your daily fits. #OOTD

The app will inform you on which days will be hosting particular occasions.


Never too many if you ask me but I packed 7 to last me not just on TYW, but for beach parties in Ibiza and Barcelona as well.


Go lightweight. You want breathable, sheer materials as you will be either wet, or sweaty.

To save yourself rummaging through your luggage, try this:
Use eight, gallon sized baggies and insert your OOTD in each. Label them according to which day you want to wear them, this saves yourself from hassle. You will thank yourself later for looking fashionable with the opening of a single bag.

I packed the bikini of the day as well as the evening dress/romper and jewelry to pair with it. I still didn’t get to wear everything. Trust me, do not overpack. You will practically be in a bikini the entire time. See picture below:

Here are the essentials:

  • Outlet converter with surge protector because of the voltage differences from one country to another
  • Boat shoes while out sailing (prevents your toes from any cuts) you will want something non-slip
  • sandals (I packed two pair)
  • 3 shorts
  • 2 tops
  • Floating Sunglasses, check these out from Sunga Life!

Nice to haves:

A flag to mast!

  • This helps you identify your particular boat

Personal safe

  • Reasons I have a small safe:
  1. Your passport is only necessary when you’re at the airport. I locked it away and used my passport card as ID while galavanting about the city. Better to have it safe and dry than at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea. Plus, a card ID is compact and fits well in wristlets.
  2. I locked cash away so that I wouldn’t carry large amounts on me at any given time. I can be forgetful sometimes and wouldn’t want to risk losing all my cash, spending too much, or worse, having it picked off.
  3. A copy of your travel insurance documents can be stowed in it too, this could come in handy. Have a dry, paper copy of your proof of insurance, in the case something goes wrong with your phone (worst case, water damage).

Baby wipes

  • The Yacht Week “shower” is a real thing. You either rinse at the back of the boat in front of everyone, or baby wipe down. Many boats are low on water supply towards the end of the week so buy the baby wipes on day one at the grocery store.

First-Aid kit

  • Bumps, cuts and bruises. Every single one of us suffered from them ALL week.

Ear plugs

  • When you actually decide to sleep, it will be tough as other boats nearby may be pulling all nighters. Ear plugs and sleep aid pills helped me feel restful the following day

Face masks

  • The pre-packaged, moistened kind. They’re refreshing and moisturizing! Your skin will appreciate the revitalization.

Water proof phone case

  • Swim from boat to boat with your phone and capture those memories 😎

Laundry detergent

  • These small, but handy Tide Pods saved me money and time pre/post yacht week.

Currency Convert app

  • Croatian’s use Kuna as currency. It’s confusing for us ignorant Americans so having real-time equivalents is handy.

Pool floats

  • LA has small stores where you can find these at a bargain. To save myself a trip to the market in Croatia, I packed one in my bag beforehand.
  • A few clothes line pins for drying suits/towels
  • My inflatablelounger served as my bed at times. So comfortable!

As you can see, preparedness saved me time to enjoy everything! Menial tasks and purchases, such as trips to the market, were not part of my agenda. Best of all, the items above managed to fit in my duffle and weigh in at just 12.5kg! All of that (additional items have been left out because they don’t pertain to TYW) for not just sailing but while traveling to 4 other European cities, too.

Once you’ve packed, read my previous post about why TYW was the best week of my life and get your mind right! Most important piece of advice to surviving the week is to HYDRATE! Happy sailing! Hvala!

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