Summer in Ibiza: A first timers guide at how to tackle the islands lucrative parties and beauty

Clubbing in Ibiza = Tickets for admission.

Yup, you read that right.

You have to purchase tickets to get in the clubs here. As an American girl that is spoiled by the Vegas clubs for free, this was a concept I had to adjust to. Don’t be the tourist that makes the mistake of walking up at the door empty handed.

Now that you know, the next challenge is where to purchase tickets from.

Many restaurants, ticket outlets, markets and retailers will advertise the sale of tickets. They are at every corner.

Some rates will be lower than others but here is the catch:

  • Restaurants will sell at a discounted price, but won’t tell you that you have to also purchase drinks. Be sure to ask! Otherwise you’ll end up spending more money and time than you intended.
  • Read or ask about the terms. There are discounts for general admission before certain times.
  • Online ticket purchases are a safe bet and will have a separate line, which tends to move more rapidly.
  • Promoters will approach you with seemingly lucrative offers. They will over promise to make you feel flattered. Hear them out and use discretion.
  • Free passes exist, but certainly don’t expect that from the mega clubs. Reputable clubs such as Ushuaia, Hi, Cocoon, Privilege, etc. simply do not offer free admission. And you certainly cannot rely on that one friend-of-a-friend, that knows someone, which works there to come out and help you skip the line. Be realistic.
Other courtesies:
  • Tipping is practiced in Spain, but not to the degree that Americans are accustomed. Small notes, 1–2 euro is common for cafes. If you dine in a high end restaurant (think steakhouse), tip 5–10%.
  • Shops and cafes shut down for a period in the city centre. See below. Cafes and shops re-open for business at 7pm. Many are open 24/7 in Playa d’en Bossa.
  • The sun sets rather late here, 9:30pm-10pm or later. Make the most of daylight! Late dinner is the norm.
  • Speak the language! This doesn’t just apply to Ibiza, it could be anywhere for that matter. Many Europeans can communicate in English, but attempt to speak the language. This will gain you more favorable treatment anywhere.
  • If you’re on a budget, the disco bus will get you anywhere on Playa d’en Bossa. It makes for good fun too, as you will be greeted by other party goers. Anyone remember this throwback song? It’s literally about the disco buses🕺🏻
  • Most villas are fully equipped. However, to save yourself from damage fees, plastic ware may be wise.
  • Sunbathing nude is acceptable 😛 With that said, I would also go running in just a sports bra and spanks. #islandlife Ibiza has beautiful people everywhere, big and small.
  • Definitely leave space in your bags for items you find shopping. The markets and street vendors offer good deals on the latest trends and brands. Or if not, have it shipped.

Hopefully this helps manage your expectations for all you Ibiza virgins!

Clubbing aside, here are the top three things you must see in Ibiza:

  1. Dalt Villa — Old Town
  2. Las Dalias — browse the hippy markets and negotiate!
  3. Cap Des Falco — watch the sunset
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