My crazy IDEA actually turned me into an Entrepreneur: Tales of a Networking Addict #1

A blessing in disguise is what has led me to where I am today, follow along my journey from the beginning on Snapchat ( Akruempel ), Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube to see the truth behind the GRIND & HUSTLE that lead me to this point. I have a contagiously energetic and enthusiastic outlook not only on the growth potential for my social impact startup but in LIFE; I always find a bright side and am only more motivated to find a way when my original plan fails. I am NEVER deterred from “NO”, only inspired more to find a better way to get to “YES”!

My business concept is one that focuses on a forward moving, futuristic approach to a consumer driven market that is currently transitioning; many think I am over reaching or thinking unrealistically but that only leads me to believe that the resistance is from people who can’t see the “BIGGER PICTURE” like I do, and don’t understand the VALUE big data brings to success in business professionals or quite grasp the validity that social media can do as a resource tool (rather than just a social trend for young people). Well I am here to change that, I will show people how to set themselves up for success by giving them the truth behind the SEVERAL thousand ways social media can be used to interact with consumers through storytelling and relevant CONTENT to grow businesses exponentially across the GLOBE!!

I do not expect to be an overnight success by any means, and at this point there’s not a whole lot to follow but I WORK HARD and I NEVER GIVE UP so this is just an invite to see the battle ahead of me and watch me PERSEVERE because of my PERSISTENCE and PASSION to see this through…. and if I fail at least I know I TRIED which is more than most people can say.

Wish me luck or place wagers on my likelihood to fail is irrelevant at this point; I’m all in and aiming for the top, support me or think I am crazy is up to you but here’s the chance for a front row seat to the HUSTLE in action…..Bottoms Up!!

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