Sorry they are not the countries I toured over last 4 weeks. That would be almost impossible to do but part of me did. When I launched my latest Podcast ‘Entrepreneurs India‘ little did I know my voice would reach 105 countries in just 4 weeks. Yes, 105 countries!

“Magic Happens When You Show Up!”

I am not huge fan of preaching quotes but this quote sums up what I am thinking right now. When I was launching my first podcast I approached an industry veteran who I consider as one of my mentor and he said ‘your show will be considered as doing well if it can get 500 listens a month’. I crushed that goal first month itself. I did 750. This month I have done over 5000 but that’s two shows combined. When I launched my 2nd Podcast ‘Entrepreneurs India’ I dreamt of becoming a top Podcast on Indian iTunes store and I achieved that within a week of launch. Yes, I currently run two Podcast shows and it’s not easy as you might think. How do I do it? that’s the topic for another post and there are few people I need to thank too. My goal for 2016 is to reach 100K downloads per month.

How did I reach top of iTunes New & Noteworthy section within a week? I will discuss that in another episode.

Many people asked me how I make money with Podcast. If you have the same question, revenue comes from sponsorships, affiliate marketing, training and brand partnerships. Am I doing this for money? YES. Am I doing this JUST for money? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I am doing this because I love connecting with entrepreneurs, having a conversation with people who make things happen, who has a positive energy, who likes to discuss ideas and I love helping. I had an absolute blast interviewing entrepreneurs over last couple of months.

I haven’t yet achieved what I wanted to achieve but I will get there. My point is, whatever you are doing give your best. Keep learning and keep moving!

“The One Thing in Life You Can Control: Effort” — Mark Cuban

Did I tell you I work in a full time job too? Yep, I do!

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