This guy seems to have found himself

Hope you found this article as easily as you found yourself

There’s something ridiculously irritating about our generation and it’s scratched at me ever since college; why does my generation spend prolonged periods of time travelling the world? With the average annual leave in Britain being about 25 days, most adults have about 5 weeks of holiday per year, so why not travel for 5 weeks every year? Going on prolonged trips is like doing the cinnamon challenge; it’s shit.

Some kid doing the Cinnamon challenge

So I went on a journey to find out why my generation love spending prolonged periods of time travelling. In-fact, the answers were fascinating and resoundingly similar. I felt like I had walked into a thai monastery to be given wisdom by a series of medieval monks when I heard the trending answer:

“To find myself”

No. No. When did you lose yourself? What happened you poor thing? I don’t even know who I’m talking to when I ask these questions because apparently the person doesn’t exist as of yet.

This guy seems to have found himself

Do people really expect to somehow discover some kind of new level of consciousness by travelling over a prolonged period of time opposed to travelling in short stints? I’ve got a message for you, as cliche as it may be, you don’t find yourself, you make yourself. You create your future and giving a romantic excuse as to why you’re wasting time just shows your severe insecurity.

Stop trying to find yourself and start forging your future. Life isn’t a journey, it’s a tooth for tooth fight with the world.

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