Let’s Debunk Sales, Marketing and Branding.

For an entrepreneur, it’s really important to understand the difference between sales, marketing and branding. Most entrepreneurs feel like they are the same thing.

Let’s start with sales, sales is convincing and the words you say to your to your potential customer. If you are negotiating deals, Convincing your customers why your product is better than competitors comes under sales. You are answering their queries, making a deal, clearing their doubts related to your products to make them believe in your product and services.

On the other side, Marketing is about generating direct business, Anything or everything you do to attract or retain your client is marketing.

It’s a push tactic. It’s about pushing out a message. It directs the potential customer to make a decision now, make a purchase now.
Marketing can be seen from those pitching ads like 10% discount, If you buy our product within 24 hours or if you buy it now, We can also offer free shipping.

Branding is making an influence. It has only one goal, Emotionally predispose customers to enter into a business relationship.
Powerful branding is like a person in cafe telling your brand story for you without prompting.

There is a strong definition of branding, “ What people say about you When you are not in the room “. Branding is the story they tell about you.

You go to a supermarket and there you may find different brands, you just recognises the brand you just grab it and buy that specific brand.
You don’t even think about other options. That is the result of a powerful branding.