One Step at a Time: Cutting The Anxiety of Uncertainty

Hmmm climbing ladder of success, Sounds very cliche. However an interesting fact that I realised last week that helped me giving a whole new perspective to this cliche.

I had been thinking about my goals but instead of getting something positive out of it, It made me anxious and took me to an endless bog of uncertain future. My mind was start building all the reasons to support the fact that why it’s not going to work. I was crippled into that bog. Mind at its best of nastiness.

I was thinking about all the years that I put into and what If it won’t work out.

A sudden anxious breakthrough of uncertainty can make you sit on the step you are at, Instead of looking up and pursuit. Time spent on that uncertainty is like you have lost the prospect and sitting on the stair/step waiting for some clarity or motivation to move forward.

This image makes a lot of sense at that moment, Virtually stuck in the ladder of Success.

How did i get out of it? Same old advice given by our elders when we started climbing the stairs in childhood “ Don’t look up , Don’t look down just focus on the next step”

Seems easy right? But Its an art in itself when we climb the stairs of success. When to look up and don’t get frightened by uncertainty or the number of steps still required to get there and When to look down to get some motivation that we made this far. Don’t look up too often, It can lead to anxiety of uncertainty.

The challenge is to master the art of climbing the ladder. When to look up to see get the vision and when you just need to focus on the next step is very crucial and little trick that could work here is :

-> Try to focus on the next step most of the times until you need some vision or foresight.

->Before start look up at your end goal on the ladder, Take a moment to look down and analyze how far you already made it. What you achieved. That will bring some confidence to plan ahead.

-> Then plan ahead and get back your focus to the very next step of your goal/success.

Plan this movement consciously, Every week before the anxiety of future work hits you, Plan proactively and dedicate a time slot to look back what you achieved, How far you already made and appreciate yourself and very next day/hour plan ahead. Make this art your habit and It will help cutting the anxiety of uncertainty.

“ Plan when to look down, Plan when to look up. Focus on the single step at a time. One step at a time”.

Little humor won’t hurt : Irony is there is no escalators in this path We can just stand there and hope escalators will take you there, No need to look up and down.

If you think that suggestion was shit, I’ll be curious to know how you deal with the uncertainty of future. The anxiety of unknown, Comment below.