the art of saving a life

it was easy to see where she was going because

fireworks would soar into the universe and

brilliantly explode into a breathtaking scene

she’s an enigma that leaves so much sparkle wherever she goes

and yet somehow, i still didn’t see her coming.

there is truth to this:

the best things in life come


unplanned and


our laughter echoes through the walls of her 300 year old apartment

the loud hoorahs and squealing disturb everyone in close vicinity

kitchen mice convene for an investigation on where the guffaws are coming from

we act like two little girls giggling to each other about a silly little secret

following rituals, ping-ponging back and forth and exhaling our worries

all my walls come down, the filters vanish

i become the unabridged version of myself

a river of raw emotion floods through me

any façade ceases to exist.

two lost souls dance with each other

as if they’ve been reunited

after several lifetimes apart

longing for each other and yet

peacefully sharing a comfortable silence

that has been ever so gracefully mastered

an art, that for most, takes ages to perfect

we reside in seven seas of ink

and use trees as pens

to paint words on our world

we hold hands

wipe tears

hug each other often

and if we are lucky

we sometimes float towards the surface

and capture blessings in the form of light

how do people boast about its speed?

because we have been waiting an eternity

for our ocean to be illuminated

but the moon and stars have so much pride

that only a teaspoon of brilliance escapes.

how beautiful must it be to love yourself like that.

her voice is muffled as the water engulfs her thoughts

the words are on the tip of her tongue

inaudible, silent. powerful. silent.

she attempts to speak again — this time her eyes scream

and it is


save me.

for us




is a constant battle for




for happiness.

gulping down liquid courage warms

our bodies — since when did poison taste so good?

our throats beg for mercy

but we are unforgiving.

we are destructive.

we are just like this raging ocean –

that we are so blissfully drowning in.

we find mysterious comfort in our loneliness

yet we cling to each other

and are slowly consumed by an

all too familiar darkness.

just as we are about to

lose consciousness

i n h a l e

and brace ourselves for the





our restless hearts weep for us

sand nonchalantly powders our skin

as the sun embraces us

every day we wage a ruthless war

so we can

stop drowning.

start living.

forgive ourselves.

be happy. and continue to fight.

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