Individual Responsibility towards Society

A few days back, one of my friend threw a chocolate rapper on the street and when I asked him to pick it up and throw it in the dustbin, he responded that “It’s not my job!” This very thing, the sense of irresponsibility towards our society, our own environment, is highly disturbing. There is an attitude that if I am able to pay for a resource, I can use it as much as I want to and in my own way. It infuriates me that why many of us are unable to judge the societal and the global impact of our own consumption. 
As individuals, we all play different roles in our day to day lives and in almost all of them we survive with a give and take relationship. We keep playing between our rights and duties. The imbalance between these is what one has to often pay for and it’s always more than monetary values. 
It doesn’t matter if I am a student, employee, labor, business women or a minister. In each and every role, I am a consumer in some or other way. Being the one, I expect to have access to any commodity or necessities at affordable prices. Consumerism has become a part of our lives and with that comes a responsibility of right choice of products and services from right means. 
As a consumer, one utilizes various resources in the form of varied number of products. An individual needs 150 liters of water on an average per day. Around 150 to 300 liters of water is consumed while having a 0.5 liter can of cold drink. The thing that disturbs me more than these numbers is the non-consideration of responsibility to acknowledge and act on these facts. 
As human beings, we have a need to consume certain things to survive, but we also need to conserve, to sustain longer. We take from nature and from each other to fulfill our needs and we have to give back to keep the relationship going on. 
To me, social responsibility is not by becoming a social worker, working towards a particular cause, making donations, performing philanthropic activities. These are big terms. According to me, to be socially responsible, it is enough if one can act responsibly towards the things that are being provided. It’s enough if one can act with consideration of others. If we, as individuals, are able to do this, enough of the contribution could be made towards the society.

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