Bitcoin Gold fork scam or not! Who cares ..

There is a movement going on now discrediting the authenticity of bitcoin gold ( a to be bitcoin fork). People are very much concern about the success of the project many concerns have been raised some are listed below;

  1. They will start up at a block height which is 110gb which would greatly discourage solo mining and bring about the inherent problems faced by pools. Closely related to what they are fighting against in the first place.
  2. At lunch, the team is still behind as to what community expects. E.g no wallet at lunch.

Some even go to a greater length by saying it is a scam claiming the btg team is on a hunt for private keys.

Weather this be true or not i don’t really care as am only interested in what it means for the price of bitcoin. It may interest to read this article to know about the btc price movement around this period.

Even if you are interested and want to receive some free btg coins, you have nothing to worry about. Just make sure you have btc before the fork in an address you know the private key to. And after the fork, transfer all your btc to another address and use the old address only for btg related stuffs. This is makes sure that even if they are out for btc private keys, losing yours will do you no harm. In essence, if you follow this and btg turns out a scam or does not succeed, all you would have to lose is the tx fees. Not too much i think.