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Weathered, worn, this year has left you
Roughed, Old Man in the Mountain torn
From your footings, wondering whether to
Live free or die

I see the acid etchings across your granite jaw
And remember the radiant warmth of it before
The spreading frost, truncated days, brought
Autumn leaves to…


Author’s own photo Aspen Blue

There is a version of me still
huddled beneath down-sheltered dreams
Safe in body, but wrought of mind

Swaddled, warm, she blinks
back a silent war waged between waking
Synapses snap in resistance

A crackle of guilt ripples
her spine electrified a Jacob’s ladder
Paying penance for insolence

It is…

Ekphrastic Poem

Photo by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash

Landslide in this rubble heap, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, the rush and crush of body break, and if I die before I wake, sliding ground along the slope, I lay me down to sleep in hope, crashing course collision ache, I pray the Lord my pain…

Prose Poem

Photo by Mosa Moseneke on Unsplash

Broken before creation, we began on the precipice edge. Shards of unknowing slicing each tender step, building bloodied callousness — lo, we thought ourselves brave. Children toying with found pieces of adult games: infatuation, addiction, lust, death. Our only way out was through.

The spectre of ruin hung over-ripe heavy…

Short Story

Photo by HH E on Unsplash

Part I can be found here

“Now it’s my turn to ask,” Alastair levels her with a piercing look after they devour their hot meal in near silence, “aren’t you the least bit concerned about being out here on your own. I mean clearly,” he gestures around the hut, “you…

Short Story

Photo by Dave Drury on Unsplash

The highlands shudder an untimely autumn chill. Within the groan and rumble of distant complaining lochs, she hears a human lament across the brae. She thought herself alone in this strange and ancient landscape, but this unexpected cry broadcasts the presence of an interloper. …


Photo by Bankim Desai on Unsplash

This quiet edge
a chrysalis of anticipation
waiting — a quiver drawn
breath beset a hesitant

Succumbing snaps
the filament of reason
snatching — a season gone
exploring hesitant anguish

Piercing the black
expectation horizon-long
holding — a razored dawn
becoming a new age

© Aspen Blue 2021

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Prompt Poem

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Royalty frivolous frocked wheeling we
arriving by carriage in ones, twos and threes

Plattered desserts paint a sumptuous table
delighting a princess in daring deeds playful

Baked for her whimsy, shaped for her greed
lashing her tongue with a birthday’s great need

They danced and they frolicked under settling white

Aspen Blue

Writer, poet, scientist, educator, humanist, autist; Published in: neuroclastic.com | follow @AspienBlue

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