24 February 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem Prompt: moving expressions

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Photo by Cassie Boca on Unsplash

Extrasensory we come, flowing slowing, in the breath and breathing of it. Somewhere there’s music, who knows how far, a moola mantra — that’s where you are. A faint tune woven through each feinted jab, contracting the world to the raw tiny universe conducting this watery orchestra. Swell, crest, break, breathe, repeat repeat repeat…

the vile of bile connecting profane to profound, the wave is breaking. A shiver and groan, the tide is turning; the moon is burning. Pulling against meaning and cohesion, gripping fast to reason, wondering at the wrongness of the season flipped end-to-end, but dare not push…


Multifaceted Some Days

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Some days I am only half a poem
a mere fragment whispered interstitial
a semicolon of thought b r o k e n
separated from the whole movement
cadenzaed runs of words un-codaed

Some days I am form and metre
chivalry tipped and teetered
structured stanzas arcing back
riffing lines with tongue attacks
to bite the necks of readers

Someday I’m experimental
lying traps of buried truths
easter-egg hiding flying rabbit
of proof turning up poisoned

Some days I’m ekphrastic and ecstatic allowing words and rhymes to mark their time racing pages of experiential vivid imaginings of form and…

Spoken-Word Poem

Spilling poisons

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Photo by Daniel Curran on Unsplash

Inconvenient my
inability to breathe
how could I
dare to draw more breath
while you arrest sighs
asphyxiation split
on the two and the four

waltzing a floor
waxed with the effort
of exacting the oxygen
so deeply adored
I implore give me mouth
to mouth to mouth
that I might freely spill
carbon dioxide sufficient
to fill Venus’s fat
with a lifetime of choked
down fears
unspilt tears
emotions red in arrears

Can you see me here?

Wasted efforts splitting
inert nitrogen
from swirling volatiles in
your wake

please take these broken…


27 January 2021 Wednesday Prose Poem Prompt: energy ekphrastic

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Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

You pulled me there and pulled me there and pulled me there, across oceans and hemispheres and dream-time-space, again and again and again. First, a broken mind, then broken body, finally the broken heart. Pulling all these fragments of me, dandelion seeds and dragonfly wings, time after time, through the ether to your healing centre.

Webbed fingers reaching out, grasping clavicles through the smoke screens devised to keep me connected, beckoning me to the home I’d yet to know. Insistent, inviting, persistent, providing the respite I’d denied me — you never swore the answers held in store. Snapped mapped, I…


Forest vignettes

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Photo by the author Aspen Blue


I pull all these poems
from the morass of my mind
tessellated thoughts and joints
connecting dots of rhyme

Contractions and expansions
squeeze the life out of each word
the startling redaction
of a what you’ve never heard

Positive enlightening
ions cracking worded skies
striking through the knowledge tree
which brilliance underlies

Prose Poem

The untold gravity of what’s missing

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Photo by Alan Carrillo on Unsplash

Always monologuing, born so professorial, I can talk and talk and talk, while you sit there, silently recording everything. Infinitely detailed lecture notes… until you slipped, fell asleep at the helm, just as I slid asymptotically into the most profound point. The clicking tape jerked you awake to hit rewind and find the place to erase your mistakes. Yet there was no going back on my forward-barreling train of time and space, you flipped the tape, thought you could fix it another way, but the moment of brilliance was lost and so much leading up to it too.

We’re left…

Exphrastic Poem

Lost in a speechless universe of one

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Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

A thousands suns could meet their ends, embracing in scintillating star bursts, but the fire flowers of your brilliance inevitably outshine each one, stripping platitudes from the galaxies within my mind. Silent words spiral outwards, faster than the speed of light, yet with thousands of light years between, they can never reach you, hold you, tell you what exists in the singularity within the black hole of me.

This… this obsession, affection, fantastical fantasy of a galaxy far, far away colliding, intersecting, redirecting the outward expansion of passion in a spinning, dizzying array of arms entangled, yet never meeting, rips…


When we teach compassion, there is no need to identify “evil”

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Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

fill up their bellies
while you fill up their minds
slice indoctrination
into each serving of pie

preaching of love
from a book laced with hate
professing false prophesies
slip oleaginous lies

tuck them in with their night lights
while you tuck in the doctrines
under broadsheets of dogmas
curled tight at their feet

it’s how you reason your teachings
and how you season your soups
top with a dollop of compassion
when sowing your seeds

© Aspen Blue 2021

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What will become of us on the other side of this pandemic?

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Photo by Justin Campbell on Unsplash

When it’s all over my feet
will find their bering
seeking true north with ten toes
sinking into a homeland
creeping across the hinterland
reaching further
than any nebulae we’ve known

When it’s all over my hands
will embrace family never touched
sisters, brothers, nieces
scattered pieces of my soul
awaiting happiness
we hold
to be self evident

When it’s all over my eyes,
grown weary in the blue dim,
will light with smiles
seeing nearer and further
than their years
should allow upon
acres of unburdened ache

When it’s all over my heart will find yet another beat replay…

Aspen Blue

Writer, poet, scientist, educator, humanist, autist; Published in: neuroclastic.com | follow @AspienBlue

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