Actually autistic

That’s me. Every part of me. I used to think it was just a label. I used to think it was a separate part of me, that my me as a whole was more than the constituent parts of its many labels.

Autistic trumps all. Unless you’re hiding it. Masking it. In denial. I was in denial. I was so proud. Look at me – I can hold down a job and be awesome and have friends and be a paid writer and be respected and admired and an inspiration. All despite the fact I’m autistic.

Maybe it’s time to say that I am all those things because I am autistic. That my brain was born this way. That I am cute because my brain was born this way. That my stims are not something to be hidden and be ashamed of. That they are part of my cuteness. Instead of spending an entire life trying to be something I’m not, maybe I should be spending my entire life celebrating something I am.


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