13 reasons to not vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be leader of the Labour Party
Labour Pains

I dont need 13 reasons to explain why everything you said is nonsense…

  1. Because everything you said was 100% speculative, baseless, no supported with facts or evidence but purely an opinion… either an ignorant opinion or intentionally misleading.

I will go with intentionally misleading because you made a Freudian slip, you some some people have a lot to lose instead of lots of people will lose and that is the key here, you are spouting the old cliche stereotypical arguments which are completely unsupported by facts, demonstrating your agenda that is bias towards the “some” that have lots to lose, well democracy is not supposed to be about some but the majority, the many and under socialism they many or majority have a lot more to gain and that is the real issue.

These elites don’t want to lose their seat of power, to share equal power and wealth with the slaves of this country is unthinkable hence they will continue to manipulate the opinions of the masses into believing this baseless drivel.

You simply say it wont or cant work and some times offer a speculative lie to support your claims but no hard undeniable facts to support them, why… because there is no hard undeniable facts or evidence to support your claims.

The problem is these typical criticisms start by leading their audience down the wrong path, like using presuppositions to start the direction of the thought process which is this socialist policy wont work in our capital system.

of course it wont, socialist policies are intended to work in a socialist system and not in a capitalist system so if we continue to adopt these mad invented principles of economics then of course it would be hard.

But socialism is a totally different economic system with its own rules. You say Personal QE will ruin the value of money but that is only if you continue to mindlessly adopt the flawed capitalist, proven to be flawed by the multiple economic failings as this is not the first recession, and proven by the fact that many other countries that adopted the westernised capitalism are experiencing the same issues.

Germany adopted a truer socialist system and it took their country from the pits to a world super power. Unfortunately it was led to destruction by a warring nutcase but that doesn’t change the fact the socialist policy turned round huge levels of unemployment, debt and turned the country into possibly the strongest nation of the time.