Oscar Wilde, Lord Byron, and Beau Brummel all came to validate the dandy lifestyle, despite some of the criticism it received in mainstream society.
Black Dandyism Is Back, and It’s Both Oppositional Fashion and Therapy at Once
Shantrelle P. Lewis

Oscar Wilde and Lord Byron both had homosexual attractions and were, to various degrees, persecuted for this. Perhaps this explains a bit about their aesthetic choices. (Beau Brummel was so incredibly discrete that nobody currently has any evidence of his sexual orientation, but that secrecy itself speaks very loudly.)

The modern black community has similarly oppressive attitudes against homosexual attractions. I wonder how much modern black dandyism is way for modern blacks with homosexual attractions to covertly express themselves? Even better when more mainstream blacks adopt the styles as it provides more cover for the lifestyles of the originators!

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