Why we created the Aspirus sit-stand desk

Aspirus is a smart sit-stand desk designed to keep you healthy and focused at work or at home. It turns any flat surface into an automatic sit-stand workstation, such as a desk, dining table or bay window. Its app helps you track your fitness goals and gain insight into your workday, and its modular system allows you to configure it to suit your needs, whether you use a laptop, single monitor or dual monitor.

We crafted Aspirus after suffering from back pain and stiff necks from years of long-hours desk work. We started experimenting with standing desks, and together started to import and sell them to learn about the market and help as many other desk users as possible. A year later, we have incorporated all of that learning into a new automatic, smart, modular system. Ask more of your desk.

Aspirus co-creators Andrew and Yuying