Axiom — Space Ventures Ltd. — Episode 2

Space Ventures, a consortium of top tech companies, announces first ever Synthetic Intelligence (SI), with an identity and the ability to learn like a human. Faced with a moral and legal dilemma, pressured by religious factions and lobbyists, G10 bans it deployment on earth.

Space Venture attains a special permit to deploy androids equipped with Synthetic Intelligence for their research in places where it might be too dangerous to deploy human beings and proposes that SI be used for rescue missions. With the assistance from SI, Space Ventures completes its first successful manned interplanetary flight to mars.

SI directs the maneuvering and capture of a passing asteroid that Space Ventures brings into the earth’s orbit for mining purposes.

Space Ventures, wanting to improve conditions on earth, develops a prototype SI, code named Adam. The aim of the SI is to analyze social and political aspects of the human race and come up with a long-term plan to improve the conditions of the human civilization. They believe that the SI will be able to better understand the human ties due its analytical functioning.