Women’s March “Co-Chairs” Bob Bland (top left), Tamika Mallory (top right), Linda Sarsour (bottom right)

Breaking News: Top 10 Nuggets from Women’s March 2017 IRS Filing

How much money did Women’s March Inc. make in 2017? How much did its controversial co-chairs Tamika Mallary, Carmen Perez, Linda Sarsour and Bob Bland make?

With much controversy surrounding the Women’s March, I am writing a column for Esquire magazine about how a movement dedicated to the empowerment of women imploded. If you have any leads, contact me.

In the course of my reporting, the organization’s public relations representative just shared with me the Women’s March IRS 990 filing that nonprofits must file with the federal government. The filing has a timestamp of Nov. 28, 2018, 11:53 a.m.

I know this is an issue of great interest to a lot of people, so I share the document with you here at this link with annotated comments and questions.

Link to Women’s March 2017 IRS 990 filing.

I highlight the top 10 key findings here.

Top 10 Nuggets in Women’s March 2017 IRS filing

Women’s March Inc.’s spokeswoman at Megaphone Strategies asked that the address be redacted for “security” reasons. I stated that it will be publically availalbe but I am willing to redact the address as a personal courtesy. Mari Lynn Foulger is the legal birth name for the Women’s March co-chair referred to as “Bob Bland.” Her name has made some people (including me) wonder if she were transgender, but she was born female and is female. It may seem like TMI (too much information) but it is relevant only because some people believe revealing her name is “dead-naming,” or the calling someone who is trangender by the name with which they had been called while having a different gender. It is not.

1. Women’s March Inc. had total revenue of $2,533,074 in 2017.

2. The four “co-chairs” of the Women’s March earned a total of $261,611 in 2017.

3. Women’s March Inc. had merchandise sales of $1,166,705, or 46 percent of total revenue, in 2017.

4. Women’s March Inc. had program service revenue of $596,940, or 24 percent of total revenue, in 2017.

This was attributed to revenue from the Women’s March “annual convention.”

5. Women’s March Inc. had contributions and grants of $769,429, or 28 percent of total revenue, in 2017.

6. Women’s March Inc. had salary expenses of $703,864, with co-president Mari Lynn Foulger, the real name for “Bob Bland,” earning $73,404.

7. Co-president Tamika Mallory earned $70,570.

8. Assistant secretary Linda Sarsour earned $69,927.

9. Treasurer Carmen Perez earned $47,710.

10. Board of directors member Breanne Butler earned $26,400. Secretary Janaya Ingram earned $26,400.

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