Thinking About Thrones & Cocktails

Your long wait is finally over, as Game of Thrones is back to Sunday nights once again. This current season is destined to be the show’s grandest year yet, as Dany at last returns to Westeros, Cersei takes the Iron Throne, Arya is… somewhere — ? — and Jon Snow is the new King of the North.

Actually, I’ve never watched the show, the greatest show on earth. A combination of circumstances — over a six year period — led to this unfortunate situation. Now I feel it’s just too late. But I’m game. You watch, I’ll drink.

The things I do appreciate about the show I’v never watched: the dedication, the all-consuming excitement, the real interest and involvement it solicits from folks from all walks of life. Not really the show itself, but the people who watch it.

Here is a great example of what I mean — Game of Thrones inspired cocktails. This is something I can relate to. Turning your passion into drinks. Garfield inspired cocktails? It doesn’t resonate as well. I can only imagine that GoT has that illusive alcohol quality to it.

Where do mixologists — formally known as ‘bartenders’ — get their inspiration from? I wanted to think that from the scent of the woman they adored, their anguish over the way the rays of the sun fill the empty half of the bed. But no. It’s not the case. Not anymore at least, and I say that with all due respect.

Inspiration now comes from black mirrors, from screens that scream. Like the screen you watch the Game of Thrones. We take our cues from these screens, they have engulfed us, they have consumed us. They are us.

But back to mixologists, folks I personally adore. Because they make me, they make us, feel absolutely giddy. So kudos to you mixologists.

So here is a fine o example of how all of this comes together — Game of Thrones inspired cocktails, courtesy of Adam Walsh from the famed Dublin pub Peruke & Periwig, and the flasks site,, a chilled spot on the web for everything that is booze, and you.

*The inspiration of this graphics project.