Surfing in East Sri Lanka

A few years ago i want for a surfing trip in Sri Lanka. Here are some tips I gathered along the way:

The best spots are in the eastern side of the island, near a place called Arugam bay. The best spot in the area (and on the entire island) is called the “Main Point”. This is the best reef break on the entire island and as such, tends to be a pretty crowded in the peak of the season(June-September). The locals tent to be pretty defensive of this spot but as long as you respect the people around you there shouldn’t be any problem.

For the leisure type I would recommend checking out the hotels which have bugallows right on the point alongside the main point or at a spot called Potuville point(my personal favorite).

There are many other great points around for the adventurous type. Of course, there is a need to go out of your way to get to a point beak and have it all to yourselves. I would recommend going to Whisky point or Peanut farm, to get there, just find the nearest tuk-tuk(the local taxi) and strike a good bargain with the driver.

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