How Not To Die and The China Study
Rob Imbeault

You should read these books with a pinch of salt (perhaps an ironic phrase given the subject matter!).

There are many claims in the China Study that are very problematic and in some cases very misleading. There are even instances in the data, for example, where plant protein is demonstrated to have less of a protective effect than animal protein.

You should check out this slightly old but still very relevant analysis of the book’s claims:

If you were indeed brought up to be skeptical of radical fundamental statements like the above, you should look at several sources that appear not to have a bias — or look and aim to understand criticism of the sources that make these claims.

Based on my personal research so far, I think exclusive veganism or vegeterianism is an extreme and unnecessary, potentially even suboptimal for health. Right now I’m favouring a largely unprocessed plant-based diet with small amounts of eggs, lean wild fish, and organic poultry. Even the occasional meal of lean, unprocessed red meat.

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