I’m completely new to the DeFi space but extremely interested in what it has in store for the future. As someone who works at a bank affiliated asset manager, I get to see many parts of the finance world. What’s been most interesting to learn since I entered field has been the places in finance that were beyond my comprehension as an undergraduate (mostly the numerous products and businesses within an firm) and those that seemed arcane now (like almost every single software/legacy system used by the firm).

I decided I needed to understand a bit more about a growing and developing ecosystem in finance — Decentralized Finance, or DeFi. I was never going to learn about it directly through work (I’m more on the relationship side of the business), but I could spend my own time and do the research to learn about it. This will most likely just be a mere hobby on the side, but I hope to use this platform as a mechanism that forces me to write and learn about the origins of DeFi, the uses and applications of it today, and then how they could directly impact my work and others in asset management. TBD on if any of this will actually happen, I’m skeptical that another finance guy writing on DeFi is significantly going to change what is already out there. But as long as my goals of learning are attained and I can walk away and have a conversation with others in the space or at least be the most knowledgeable person in the workplace on DeFi, then I will count it as a win.

Why now and Why DeFi?

I have been following the Bitcoin/bitcoin space for quite some time but never dedicated myself to it as I thought it was a bubble. I still have a lot of skepticism around it. However, I started to learn more and more about the technology and differences between the protocols. Ethereum struck me the most practical and I decided to dive in. I quickly found out that it is deep space with a lot to learn. So I’m going to start at the beginning with Bitcoin and dive down the quote/unquote Rabbit Hole of DeFi and see what I can learn along the way. For Ethereum — I believe it has the most applicable uses for finance and the world (caveat that I am still a novice). If this is a space that will deliver the next innovations in technology, not only across finance but other fields as well, I should learn a bit about it. All 3 people who will end up reading this post at some point — I’m sorry to have wasted your time but hope that the following posts will at least have some level of information that you are looking for. Best of luck on your journey of exploration in this new wilderness and if you are able to assist me in pursuing this learning — please I will need them so kindly let me know!


Understanding DeFi applications in Asset Management