8 Ways AssetSonar Can Help Manage Your ITAM Inventory

ITAM inventory is a major capital investment which is why it is important to optimize its use and gain maximum ROI. IT inventory management is a core function of ITAM software, allowing you to catalog and track the complete lifecycle of your IT equipment — from procurement to retirement.


In AssetSonar, system-generated emails are sent from no-reply@assetsonar.com for notifications and reminders. The emails sent to the users regarding an equipment return date or reservation starting dates are sent from the AssetSonar domain.

Let’s look at how to use these system-generated emails in more detail!


Get Faster Navigation And Powerful Control With The Improved UI For AssetSonar’s Jira Integration

The AssetSonar team is excited to announce the launch of the new, fully redesigned interface for the Jira integration. The new design is highly intuitive — it’s easier than ever to navigate the AssetSonar-Jira integration. You can access key IT Assets and relevant information directly from within the Jira platform.

You can make reservations on overdue items easily with AssetSonar. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to creating reservations against these overdue items at different events.

You can start by clicking on Settings → Company Settings. Enable the ‘Availability of Overdue Items’ by clicking on…

The AssetSonar team has prepared a helpful guide that you can use for mass deploying the AssetSonar Agent on your Windows devices if you use Microsoft Intune as a mobile device management solution.

Follow the given instructions to get started:

Governments worldwide are working towards delivering greater value to their citizens via IT transformation. The goal: Speed up, streamline, and automate processes. For instance, government departments are increasingly moving towards the self-service model, enabling citizens to complete paperwork online for documentation such as licenses and passports.

As government agencies leave…

Carry Out Fast, Efficient Returns With The New Quick Check-In Dashboard Button

Many educational institutes, especially K-12s, check out hundreds of devices such as laptops or Chromebooks when a term starts. Upon completion of an educational year or a semester, all these devices are required to be returned en masse. …

Improved UI For AssetSonar’s Zendesk Integration

The AssetSonar team is excited to announce the launch of its new, fully redesigned interface for the Zendesk integration. Over the past few months, we have listened carefully to our customers and conducted extensive testing to deliver an excellent user experience.

The new design is highly intuitive — it’s easier…

You are working at the IT service desk of an organization and someone reports that their system is creating duplicate files and gets restarted every few minutes.

You realize that the system has been infected by malware and immediately disconnect it from the main network. You then create a ticket…

AssetSonar Team

Comply with software licensing regulations, reduce hardware downtime, and always be audit-ready with our powerful IT asset management software.

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