Governments worldwide are working towards delivering greater value to their citizens via IT transformation. The goal: Speed up, streamline, and automate processes. For example, government departments are increasingly moving towards the self-serve model enabling citizens to complete paperwork online for documentation such as licenses and passports.

As government agencies leave legacy systems behind, they need to replace them with a strong IT infrastructure. This includes integrated systems, automated processes and a digital future enabled by cloud technology. …

Carry Out Fast, Efficient Returns With The New Quick Check-In Dashboard Button

Many educational institutes, especially K-12s, check out hundreds of devices such as laptops or Chromebooks when a term starts. Upon completion of an educational year or a semester, all these devices are required to be returned en masse. Going to the individual Cart/Item Details pages to check these items back in can be a painstaking task.

To expedite this process, AssetSonar has introduced the Quick Check-in feature that allows users to directly check in Asset and Asset Stock items right from the dashboard.

You can use the Quick Check-in button to do a quick search for checked out items by…

Improved UI For AssetSonar’s Zendesk Integration

The AssetSonar team is excited to announce the launch of its new, fully redesigned interface for the Zendesk integration. Over the past few months, we have listened carefully to our customers and conducted extensive testing to deliver an excellent user experience.

The new design is highly intuitive — it’s easier than ever to navigate the AssetSonar-Zendesk integration. You can access key IT Assets and take requisite actions on them directly from within the Zendesk workspace.

By increasing application efficiency, the new and improved AssetSonar UI aims to significantly reduce the time you spend resolving your tickets.

What’s different?

Based on valuable customer…

You are working at the IT service desk of an organization and someone reports that their system is creating duplicate files and gets restarted every few minutes.

You realize that the system has been infected by malware and immediately disconnect it from the main network. You then create a ticket in your ITSM ticketing system, reporting an incident and mark it as urgent so the threat is contained and taken up immediately, preventing further damage.

Modern organizations should equip themselves against such unforeseen operational disruptions. Putting incident management protocols in place ensures that companies are fully prepared to respond, contain…

Fuzzy Lists in AssetSonar

You can use our ITAM software to create Fuzzy Lists for faster and streamlined IT deployment in your organization. Think of these lists as dynamic reference points while reserving or checking out Carts within AssetSonar.


1. When should you use a Fuzzy List?

A Fuzzy List is great for scenarios where you want to add a broad ‘category’ of items to a Cart. You can draft a list for reference, come back to the Cart, and populate it with specific items from…

AssetSonar Release Notes August 2021

AssetSonar’s August edition of the release notes is packed with exciting announcements! We’ve launched a new capability to take direct actions in Zendesk that makes IT service management easier, faster, and more efficient.

You can also get quick insights into high-demand IT equipment for seamless operations, automate issue creation in Jira with ServiceDesk Alerts, assign multiple license entitlements to employees, and streamline your ITAM workflows with our feature enhancements.

Read the complete August 2021 Release Notes to learn more!

The AssetSonar team has introduced the ability for Agents and Admins to take actions on IT Assets…

The availability of the right Devices at the right time is crucial for seamless operations in an IT-intensive organization. To optimize the use of their assets, IT teams need to have real-time knowledge of their availability status and avoid conflicting checkouts. During hectic operational hours, navigating through Item Detail pages repeatedly to check the availability of requisite items may cost you time and employee productivity.

With AssetSonar’s Check Availability feature, you can check the availability status of Devices and other items — Asset Stock and Inventory, directly from the top navigation bar.

Enter the Name or Identification Number of needed…

Earlier versions of the Zendesk Integration with AssetSonar brought detailed Asset visibility to the Agent(s) within Zendesk.

AssetSonar has now introduced the ability for Agents and Admins to take actions on IT Assets directly from within the Zendesk platform — creating a seamless and highly streamlined experience that will expedite ticket resolution, and improve Agent productivity and end-user experience.

This continues our vision of seamless IT service and customer experience management in an open and flexible best-of-breed architecture, with specialized solutions for IT asset management and helpdesk /ticketing management.

Admins and Agents can now take the following actions on Assets…

Effective IT Governance with AssetSonar

IT assets are a major capital investment for most organizations. Effective IT governance helps ensure that these assets are properly utilized, easily accessible, and effectively tracked.

Although an IT governance platform oversees the entire IT infrastructure, proper management of IT assets is vital to the success of IT governance.

It provides structure to your organization by ensuring that your IT investments and their use supports your business goals. Effective IT governance requires robust ITAM and ITSM tools to derive accurate data which leads to improved operations.

These tools help you avoid procurement of surplus or incorrect IT assets, mismanagement of…

AssetSonar Team

Comply with software licensing regulations, reduce hardware downtime, and always be audit-ready with our powerful IT asset management software.

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