The Science Not Yet Born — Culture Design
Joe Brewer

THE RISING MYTH OF CULTURE : The elixir of transformation conspires to realize something beyond the matter that binds it. Similarly, creating conscious culture depends upon the metaphors we use to describe it; even more so than the actions we take to make it. Coming face to face with our world’s dying myths, while having courage to accept them for what they are, and gracefully letting them go — this is the role of the shaman hospice. Permitting the unknown to birth itself into awareness, while daring it to form into its own mythic realm — this is the role of the shaman midwife. Both alchemists in their own right, they dance, embraced dying old beliefs with the birth of anew. Together they conjure souls of an emerging story, formed amidst the shadows created by light and dark. … The next human(e) culture is rising. (

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