Lost entourage

“How often do you catch butterflies?”

“I’ve never…”, Orlen thinks, that everything is understandable and must point to some universal truths.

“A mistake and you, where did you leave them? Is it true what they are talking about?”, Orlen opened his eyes and look at the sky, when I become bored when everything was lost?

“What a moment,
What a sky,
Do you hear it?
How simple is a life,
If you don’t think.
Something search and something left
Are you hear?
Really”, without excuses butterfly singing this song and raising up.

“No mistakes, it must be as it is. It is religion or karma, it is logic of universe.” Orlen shook his head and stand up. He is running to left this field before thoughts come to take him to his world.

“No excuses, no mistakes
How to check and how to left
How to spread and go ahead”