To be a man

How fly
Be born a bird,
How go ahead
To be a man

No one excuse,
No one gives hand
and make mistake
To hold on 
and improve

One day to left,
One make a poem 
to give your soul, 
the breath for life

We make mistakes 
and looking forward, 
We think we can 
and sure can
To make the progress from the rest
from kind of what we have,
To make world better than it is,
To make a vision with your hands,
Allow to any what he wants,
Why can’t it be that those who want
Can’t do because of the resources,
and those, who have enough for all 
don’t wish something to do for any

How be a man, 
to be a real, 
not fake or virtual at all,
like I and you 
we feel the same
but what we have in head
in character, we left for rest
to analyze,
we couldn’t even realize that we are
all — one nature kind.