10 best project management tools of 2017 for your Growing team

Every growing team needs a tool to manage their big projects and work. Managing things without a tool will turn great ideas into a mess. Project management tools are the online system for working and collaborating on projects. Every task, subtasks, and milestones can be assigned to a group of persons or a specific person. The best project management tools will also provide you features like Time tracking, Proofing, Gantt Charts, Reports and File sharing. You will also be able to analyze data to find out how things are working and who is responsible for what tasks.

There are many project management tools out there and it would be quite difficult to filter out the best ones. Are you looking for tools for your growing teams? To smoothen your process below is a sorted list of 11 popular tools with features that a growing team needs in their projects.


ProofHub is a cloud-based project management system and makes it easier to share and discuss ideas across the entire team. With ProofHub, you can access all your files stored across multiple platforms. It serves as a simple business management software with task management features. It comes packed with powerful features like File sharing, Gantt charts, Discussions, Proofing, Workflows and boards and allows basic time management which you need when you are starting up. If you have to manage multiple client projects with multiple teams, ProofHub is a useful tool to synchronize your team and organize your tasks.

Available on Android and iOS.


Teamwork will help teams to collaborate and work in real-time. It brings a rich feature set and is one of the best project management software. You can organize your projects, team, resources with ease and fast. With Teamwork, everything is in the cloud that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Available on Android and iOS.


Podio is a system that offers better collaboration for greater durability and has options for better tem communication. It transforms teamwork and has a custom tool fitted to know how your team works best. This improves delivery time, effectiveness and relationships. It will keep your team running efficiently by communicating, organizing, and getting things done in an easy way. Podio is ideal for small and medium businesses, freelancers and much more and can be completely customized to suit your project needs.

Available on Android and iOS.


Workzone is a right solution for all growing teams and is simple to start. It is an easy to project management tool, which It can be used by teams to organize projects by tasks, check the due dates of tasks and notify the team about deadlines. Workzone is robust enough to manage projects and to quickly identify projects that need immediate attention. You can collaborate with your team smartly to get efficient results with fewer errors. It has the right tools to manage your workflow. You can update and adopt it into your daily workflow.

Available on Android and iOS.


MeisterTask is an online project and task management solution that allows managers to monitor the progress of the projects. With the help of MeisterTask, managers can stay in control of all aspects of their projects. You can get a quick overview of all your open tasks and plan what to focus on the day. It also allows team members to collaborate seamlessly with each other and will let you create visual plans. The managers and team members can brainstorm with others in real-time. MeisterTask is compatible with various applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Slack, and BitBucket for boosting productivity and performance.

Available on Android and iOS.


Comindware provides a web-based professional project planning to enable real-time visibility in projects, social collaboration and create a productive work environment. Comindware is available in Microsoft Outlook and has predictive real-time Gantt chart.

Available on Android and iOS.


AceProject is a web-based app to manage tasks, timesheets, documents, and expenses. It is affordable and will give you a detail about your tasks. It includes Gantt charts, reporting tools, time tracking features, project tracking, document sharing and expenses. It has a beautifully designed user interface with the ease of use paired with great functionality. The Ace project project management solution is for individuals, teams, and enterprises and is flexible for any kind of projects.

Available on Android and iOS.


Mavelink is a project management, resource planning, financial management and collaboration tool. It has a simple platform to manage all team and project activities. You can integrate Mavenlink with many popular applications like Microsoft, Salesforce, JIRA, Zendesk, and Google. You can prioritize and centralize all conversations, activities, tasks and financial at one location.

Available on Android and iOS.


Workfront is another popular project management tool that offers businesses comprehensive solutions to work management, project management and more. It empowers a team to do the right work and deliver work faster. It also delivers user-friendly and flexible methods of real-time reporting, team collaboration, time tracking, resource management and much more.

Available on Android and iOS.


TeamGantt is a project planning and collaboration tool that offers everything you need to execute your work at one place. It also allows to plan and manage projects easily using Gantt software. You can invite your co-workers, teammates, and friends to view your Gantt chart. They can also edit it accordingly. It is very easy to update and visualize the plan.

Not available on Android and iOS.

Life will be much simple when you use the above best project management tools and your team will not only thrive but also work effectively to achieve their goals. Get your best stuff for your business and team. Your team will love using the tools.